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Curing Compound

Curing Compound

The motto of the curing complex is the wax suspension liquid which is used to cure the solid surface. We provide the brush and spray for curing your concrete in perfect one. Using this liquid you can apparent or cure the dust division in your concrete. We prepared this liquid mainly for curing of the surface area in an effective manner. If you add this liquid to the cement it will improve the hydration.

If you want to protect your surface area of your home or any place, simply you can add this liquid to the cement which will make for constructing the building. Will improve the shining to your surface, maintain the moisture. Our product is based on the viscosity. It is mainly used for the water based liquid property. When you prepare the cement mixture for your concrete, just apply this liquid to the cement it will produce the white liquid after that all those compounds are combined to form an apparent film. Slowly it will change the character into the dry one. These dries are producing the obstruction to humidity loss.

It will produce the dry liquid at the viscosity of 2-4 poise. It will take approximately two hours to dry. It should apply to the concrete when the surface area is in dry, don't use this spray when you are concrete as in wet. It does not require any additional material to support the surface area of the concrete. These liquids are used to shine your concrete. If you like to put the concrete for your surface, and then first apply the spray to the concrete surface, then wait to dry, after that removing the liquid from the surface, then applies the cement concrete to the surface. Donít use the concrete until it will be dry. We afford the spray brush for applying the spray into the surface without any damage. Immediately wash the spray brush with the water after applying the liquid to the surface. Once you buy this product, it will come minimum two to three years. Mainly this liquid is used to patent you moisture from the surface of the concrete.

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