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Nutrigo Phyto Conditioner

Nutrigo Phyto Conditioner

Growth promoter-Soil Conditioner Amino Acid preparation that catalyzes growth processes and supports the metabolism of plant

Under natural growth conditions, plants use nutrients from the soil, water and solar energy to produce all the compounds needed for vegetative and productive development. However, unfavorable weather conditions, poor soil fertility, pest attacks or diseases may damage the complicated metabolic processes of a plant, resulting in retarded development and reduced yields. Intensive crop production deviate from natural balance of soil and crop which makes the natural growth processes even more prone to interferences.

Nutrigo : Soil Conditioner

Poly-Cheleamin is a natural bio-stimulant, specially formulated for soil application. It contains Amino Acids and low molecular weight peptides (hydrolyzed proteins) that synergize and catalyze growth processes and to support the metabolism of plant.Poly-Cheleamin helps the plant to overcome adverse environmental conditions. All the components of Poly-Cheleamin are 100% natural, so they easily integrate with plantís metabolism.Poly-Cheleamin is an extract of the most bio-chemically active organic compounds obtained from animal protein matter. It improves nutrients uptake efficiency, boosts plant vegetative growth, root activity and improve crop quality features. Poly-Cheleamin also enhanced micro-organism activity and improves soil fertility.Constant use of Poly-Cheleamin results increase immunity in plants with higher natural resistance for different stresses.

  • Better growth
  • Soil fertility
  • Enhanced nutrients uptake
  • Improvise soil fertility
  • Stress resistance

Nutrigo Advantages:

Intensive crop production: Poly-Cheleamin helps the plant to produce sufficient amount of enzymes and metabolites in order to fulfill his yield potential.

Stressed crops: Poly-Cheleamin helps the plant to overcome metabolic retardation associated with stress situation.

In combination with water soluble fertilizers: Poly-Cheleamin improves uptake and nutrient use efficiency.

Suggested Application and dosage:

Use Poly-Cheleamin at a dosage of 25 kg/hector for each fertigation event. Repeat the application according to crop needs and/or weather conditions. In case of significant stress, apply doses accordingly and repeated every 30 days.

Direction of use:

  • Poly-Cheleamin is compatible with the most common manures and fertilizers.
  • Mix the Poly-Cheleamin soil conditioner with any fertilizer as per recommended dose and fertigate the crops.
  • Before applying on crops, try on small area to check any adverse effect.

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