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Lacquer, the term lacquer can be defining as a coating of acrylic polymer which in common language can be called as putting. The work of lacquer is to give glossy looks and hard finish to cement materials basically to various kinds of tiles such as paver blocks etc. Lacquer is bifacial for use on almost all the kinds of cement products. Main motive of this is to give the surface a very hard and a glossy shine look. Which the help of this liquid the surface become stain resistant and it also give resistant to color fading as well. As compared to others this special kind of lacquer has good coverage area.


  • Lacquer, it forms a film on the surface which is very hard.
  • It gives high gloss and very good shine to surface.
  • It has an excellent resistance of abrasion to surface which adds a good advantage to any surface.
  • It is very appreciable alkali or water resistance.
  • Good to use on any kind of cement product.
  • Mostly it is used in construction industry for giving the structure perfect shine and glossy effects.

As things are modifying by passing time so as the use of chemical in construction industry. Chemicals like ‘Lacquer’ are very popular in market now days due to its quality and results. It can give any surface a shiny look with glossy effects which can add infinite beauty to any structure especially to tiles and paver blocks.

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