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Floor Hardner

Floor hardener: For various different industries floor hardeners are required. For different purposes according to their need metallic and non metallic hardeners are there. Following is the complete description of both the hardeners.

Metallic floor hardener

It provides the extra kind of toughness to the floor with heavy duty metallic, non-oxidizing standard floor hardener. These kinds of hardeners are basically used in warehouse, floors of factory, and hangers of airline & also to other heavy duty type of commercial & different industrial areas where there is specification of light reflective and non metallic floors are required.


  • It offers almost approx. 600% of abrasion.
  • It is very suitable for such concrete which are plain cured.
  • It has concrete that has integral part.
  • Minimizes porosity
  • It reduces the dusting

Non-Metallic Floor Hardener

Non metallic floor hardener are the application which is mainly used for areas like heavy traffic places, industrial areas where there is heavy transportation ongoing, in such areas where loading transaction is continuous, warehouses, vehicle maintenance center, processing plants such as medical or steel etc., distribution centers, and so forth. This application imparts almost about 150 % - 200 % more resistance of abrasion as compared to plain cured concrete for becoming an integral part for it. By reducing the porosity it minimizes the dusting.


  • It blends flawlessly with concrete
  • It has high abrasion resistant

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