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Sakshi Chem Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is a next cohort chemicals bringer which is founded & based in Nagpur Maharashtra (India). It is diversified and innovative company. In different aspects of chemical production it is one of the fast growing and largest construction chemicals company in India. Varied areas of chemicals manufacturing in different aspects are core component in which we are expertise. We mainly deliberate on manufacturing of various kinds of 'Construction Chemicals'. The entity of Sakshi Chem Sciences basically renders services in simplifying the complex construction requirements & assistance to muddle in faster developing and rapid changing world. Service line of Sakshi Chem Sciences includes a very wide range of chemicals area as like: Construction Industry, Ready Mix Concrete industry, Road Projects, Industrial and Housing Projects, CLC Industry etc.

We not endow with these chemicals solutions but we accept all the technical challenges that construction chemicals faces promptly, and innovate such solutions by putting innovative ideas to endeavour the accepted challenges in a successful way. We cling onto the professionalism of our organization and ensure our clients a complete satisfaction it is a very imperative aspect.

Sakshi Chem Sciences Pvt. Ltd. provides construction industry top-notch chemical solutions which attains all hefty or simple requirements any construction process.


Today chemicals are simplifying construction process all around the globe, so why should your construction process be outdated; update them with our construction chemicals. World that is changing on very faster pace and to cope up with it one needs advancement of technology in construction too. At Sakshi Chem Sciences it is our utter duty is to provide best & advance chemicals.

In this high-tech world, chemicals are reshaping the infrastructure very quickly. New chemicals are delivering vocational and higher results were emerging in fast pace. Staying ahead in industry requires innovative thinking and higher implementation of chemicals in all infrastructures. We help the constructors and deliver best quality and long-term operational efficiencies.

Client Satisfaction:

Sakshi Chem Sciences endows their clients with very wide spectrum of chemicals which can swathe entire construction process. We can opt for precise that requires supplementary support or consultation. We draw upon vast experience to give all our customers with every possible service. As our more concerned arena is customer satisfaction and we are merely focus on the customization.


Curing Compound

Curing Compound
Curing compound is such construction chemical which are use to seal the surface of fresh concrete and prevent the newly placed layer with rapid loss of moisture. It consists of liquids which has film form... click to continue

Foaming Agent

Foaming Agent
The term 'Foaming agent' can be refer as a chemical compound, which normally facilitates formation of foam and also helps foam in maintaining its integrity through strengthening every individual bubbles... click to continue

Shuttering Oil

Shuttering Oil
Mould release agents are the form of oil which gives easy and clean surface of shutter. It ensures very high quality and good kind of concrete and with the help of it concrete becomes stain free and gives... click to continue

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